Protocol 4.2: Request and engage in an external quality review if necessary

Technical Working Groups, analysis teams or partners are provided with the opportunity to communicate directly with the Global Support Unit regarding major concerns related to the IPC analysis. The communication must include a short explanation of the concern as well as basic information on the analysis and must be submitted to the relevant regional Global Support Unit officer. Should there not be one available, it must be submitted to the Global Support Unit at [email protected].

External quality reviews are carried out to ensure overall quality, technical rigour and neutrality under the following specific circumstances:

  • When there is a breakdown in technical consensus regarding (potential) classification of areas in Phase 4 or 5; or
  • When the classification is performed with scarce evidence in areas with no or limited access that did not receive external support from the Global Support Unit during the analysis; or
  • Based on the review of the completed Self-Assessment Tool by the Global Support Unit or communication to the Global Support Unit from the analysis team or partner(s) expressing concerns about the lack of adherence to protocols for (potential) classification of areas in Phase 4 or 5.


Box 103 provides an overview of the objectives and implementation modalities of external quality reviews. While external quality reviews are a valuable mechanism to support analysis teams in resolving technical disagreements and overcoming major analytical challenges, they are a last resort action. Other steps should thus be taken upstream, such as requesting real time technical support for the preparation and implementation of the analysis.