Protocols for completing Function 2

Function 2 promotes a meticulous analysis of complex information to classify populations and areas into meaningful categories to guide decision-making. Classification of Acute Food Insecurity focuses on identifying areas with severe food gaps that require urgent action to save or protect lives and livelihoods.

By completing Function 2 for classification of Acute Food Insecurity, the IPC analysis should answer the following questions:

  • How severe is the situation?
  • When will populations be acutely food- insecure?
  • Where are the most acutely food- insecure people located?
  • How many people are acutely food- insecure?
  • Why are people acutely food insecure?
  • Who are those most acutely food- insecure?

In order to complete Function 2, analysts need to follow six protocols, as briefly introduced in Table 7 and further explained below.

While this section focuses only on protocols followed during the actual analysis, the completion of the entire analysis cycle, including the preliminary planning and preparation activities, is of utmost importance. Especially important is the preparation of evidence, including the identification and gathering of evidence and ensuring that it aligns with the IPC Reference Table and unit of analysis before the actual analysis stage.