Overview of IPC Acute Food Insecurity Protocols

This module describes the Protocols for the Integrated Phase Classification of Acute Food Insecurity. 

These protocols are organized and presented according to the Four Functions of the IPC: (i) Build Technical Consensus; (ii) Classify Severity and Identify Key Drivers; (iii) Communicate for Action; and (iv) Quality Assurance. 

Additional and supporting protocols have been developed for areas with limited access and for Famine classifications

All protocols can and should optimally be completed in the country-owned and -managed ISS to mainstream analysis and facilitate recurring classifications.

Important note for using this module: 

  1. This module is an integral part of the IPC Technical Manual Version 3.0, which also includes an Overview of the IPC (Part 1), Protocols for Chronic Food Insecurity Classification (Part 2B) and Protocols for Acute Malnutrition Classification (Part 2C).
  2. This module focuses on providing succinct and clear guidance to complete the Protocols required to develop IPC Acute Food Insecurity products. Additional guidance, reasoning for technical decisions and other relevant issues are included as IPC Resources on the IPC website.