Protocols for completing Function 3

The aim of Function 3 is to communicate core aspects of the situation in a consistent, accessible and timely manner to inform strategic decision-making. Communication is considered an integral part of the nutrition analysis process.

Function 3 consists of three protocols: the first two focus on the production of reports and maps, and the third focuses on product dissemination, as presented in Box 89 and explained in the paragraphs that follow.

Although not a protocol, it is strongly recommended that, for all IPC analysis, development of a communication plan should be initiated from the earliest planning stages, including:

  • carrying out public information activities (e.g. briefings, dissemination sessions) and communication products to be produced prior to, during and after IPC analysis;
  • advising relevant stakeholders when IPC Analysis Reports are expected to be available and how IPC results can be used for response planning;
  • involving communication experts in the analysis to support the development of the communication plan, drafting and dissemination of IPC Analysis Reports and other communication products;
  • planning and conducting press conferences targeting local and international media whenever suitable;
  • integrating the communication plan in the overall IPC implementation plan and updating it every six to 12 months considering lessons learned and any other forthcoming IPC activities.