Protocols for completing Function 2

Function 2 promotes a methodical analysis of complex information to classify areas into meaningful categories to guide decision-making. Classification of acute malnutrition focuses on identification of areas with a high proportion of acutely malnourished children that require urgent action.

By completing Function 2, for classification of acute malnutrition, analysts should provide information on: 

  • How severe is the situation?
  • Where are the worst affected areas?
  • How many children are affected?
  • When will children be affected?
  • Why are children affected?

In order to complete Function 2, analysts need to use several tools, including the IPC Acute Malnutrition Analytical Framework, Reference Table, evidence reliability parameters, minimum evidence and analysis requirements, and optimally, the Analysis Worksheet. Table 35 provides an overview of all protocols for Function 2, and specific guidance on their completion is given below.

While this section focuses only on technical protocols that are to be followed during the IPC analysis, the completion of the whole analysis cycle, including the preliminary activities related to adequate planning and preparation for analysis, is of utmost importance. Especially important for a successful analysis is the preparation of evidence, including identification, gathering and organization, and conducting a re-analysis to better align indicators with the IPC Acute Malnutrition Reference Table and Unit of Analysis.