Honduras: Acute Food Insecurity Situation in El Paraíso Department December 2012 - February 2013
Municipios de Alauca, San Lucas y Morocelí, Departamento de El Paraíso
07.12.2012 > 28.02.2013


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The municipality of Morocelí, Alauca and San Lucas are classified as Minimally food insecure (IPC Phase 1). It is estimated Morocelí and San Lucas will maintain the same phase until at least March 30, 2013. Alauca will be in the same phase at least until February 28, 2013, due to worse performance in the most recent cycle and the scarcity of temporary employment opportunities that occur in the area. From that date the analysis should be updated. 

Contributing factors indicate that: these are municipalities vulnerable to droughts and other events (especially Alauca), there are adequate employment opportunities for the period of validity of the analysis, households will have a reserve of basic grains of 2 Months in Alauca, 4 months in other municipalities, despite crop losses of between 40% and 20%. 

A large portion of households benefit from the existence of various social programs. Among these programs are the school snack program and the 10,000 bonus. 

There is low availability of water in the municipality of Morocelí in the period from December to March. Depending on the severity of the problem, access to water could be reduced affecting food utilization and worsening the Phase.

The main factors driving food insecurity are:

  • below average rainfalll in the month of October causing expected crop loss
  • vulnerability to droughts and other shocks

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