Honduras: Acute Food Insecurity Situation in October 2016 and Projection for November 2016-March 2017
IPC Analysis of Dry Corridor Areas (Region 13)
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As of October 2016, the departments of Region 13 are classified as minimally food insecure (Phase 1), among them Choluteca, El Paraí so and Valle. The region suffered prolonged periods of drought and, in a few weeks the excess rain may become a problem, especially for those crops susceptible to temperature changes and the proliferation of pests. On the other hand, the cost of the basic basket is above the family income, which is a threat to the access to nutritious food. The limited information available for the measurement of indicators in the region is limiting an assertive and effective decision-making. 

Climate change has affected the production of basic grains that are at the core of household diets, as well as affecting the cultivation of potatoes and vegetables. This, combined with the effect of rust disease on coffee cultivation has lowered incomes, affecting households living in poverty and extreme poverty. Lack of jobs, even low-paying ones, limits access to food for families, basic sanitation and opportunities of education for the most vulnerable groups.

For 2016 the trend of prices is on the rise and incomes of most vulnerable families will not be able to cover the total food consumption needs. 

The limited information available for the measurement of indicators in the region and their diffusion is a problem for assertive and effective decision-making. 


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