South Sudan: Acute Food Insecurity Situation for October - November 2020 and Projections for December 2020 - March 2021 and April - July 2021
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Overview of the process

The IPC Acute Food Insecurity analysis was conducted in South Sudan from October 26th to November 16th, 2020. During the analytical process, the country IPC Technical Working Group members reached consensus on the IPC classification for 73 counties. However, consensus was not reached in relation to the estimation of populations in IPC Phase 5 in six other counties, namely: Akobo and Pibor (Jonglei & Pibor administrative area), Aweil South (Northern Bahr el Gahzal State) and Tonj East, Tonj North and Tonj South (Warrap State). In line with IPC protocols, the South Sudan IPC Technical Working Group partners requested an external Quality Review to assess the presence of populations in IPC Phase 5 (Catastrophe) in these six counties. During this process, the quality review team found that Pibor county presented a very concerning situation, with some indicators surpassing the IPC Phase 5 (Famine) thresholds. This resulted in the activation of a Famine Review. Following the completion of the Famine Review of Pibor and the Quality Review of the other five counties, in early December, findings from these exercises were shared with the South Sudan IPC Technical Working Group. On December 18th, 2020, an IPC report was published at country level which reflects the technical consensus of country IPC Technical Working Group members for 73 counties and different findings from the external quality review and famine review for six other counties. On this webpage, you will find this report as well as other reports and information products produced as a result of the external reviews, including an information product by the IPC Global Support Unit on Consolidated Findings from the South Sudan IPC Technical Working group & External Reviews, the Famine Review report and the Quality Review report.

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