Afghanistan: Acute Food Insecurity Situation Overview for North East Region for November 2017 - February 2018
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  • During the 2017 post-harvest season, 33% of the population were classified in “Crisis” (IPC Phase 3) and “Emergency” (IPC Phase 4) in the North Eastern Region covering the provinces of Badakhshan, Baghlan, Kunduz and Takhar. 

  • Kohistan, Raghistan, Yawan, Koran o Minjan, Yamgan, Darwaz Bala, Darwaz Payin, Kufab, Shiki, Wakhan, Zebak, Arghanj Khwah, Eshkashim, Shighnan districts of Badakhshan province were the most food insecure districts with 30% to 45% food insecure households, corresponds to 120 293 people in emergency situation (IPC phase 4).

  • Badakhshan was the most vulnerable province in terms of food insecurity including 5 clusters (14 districts) classified in emergency situation (IPC Phase 4) due to limited food availability in the market, poor access and utilization of food, displacement due to conflicts and remoteness of some districts especially in Darwaz, 3 districts that have no road connection from Afghanistan. Other causes are the road blockage in 12 districts of Badakhshan province for up to 6 months due to heavy snow, mountainous landscape and bad road conditions.

  • The Kunduz province was partially under control of government last year with high conflict and insecurity rate, which caused displacement of 39000 individuals to centre of Kunduz and neighbouring provinces.

  • Residents of Takhar have suffered shortages of water for irrigation where bad road conditions also contributed challenging food availability. Insecurity in some districts of this province caused displacement of 8100 individuals.

  • On-going conflicts, natural disasters, decreased level of water, limited market functionality, remoteness of some areas in this region are the major contributing factors which caused displacement, unemployment, depletion of livelihood assets and led people to engage in irreversible coping strategies.

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