Afghanistan: Acute Food Insecurity Situation Overview for East Region - May- July 2017
01.05.2017 > 31.07.2017


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  • IPC Acute analysis was carried out for clustered districts in the provinces of east region Nangarhar, Kunar, Laghman and Nooristan.
  • Each province comprised of several clusters, within each province 1-4 districts are grouped in each cluster.
  • Based on the IPC acute analysis of the 4 provinces overall 26% of the population in east region are classified in phase 3 & 4 of IPC acute food security phase classification.
  • Achen, Naziyan & Badpakh are the most food insecure districts with 13- 15 % Food insecure population in emergency.
  • Mostly, capital of the provinces such as Jalal Abad and Mehtarlam are the vulnerable locations that are suffering with large number of food insecure population due to huge influx returnees and returnees.
  • Beside the Returnees and IDPS, host communities are also the most affected food insecure portion of the communities.
  • Lack of or limited access to sustainable job opportunities are the major factors driving food insecurity.
  • Huge influx of returnees and IDPs has immense adverse impact on labour wages especially in cities where more than 52% of the population are relying on it. 

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