Haiti: Acute Food Insecurity National Situation in June - July 2013 and Projection for Southeastern Department in September 2013
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All departments were classified as "Stressed" (IPC Phase 2) except for the Central Department where food insecurity is minimal (IPC Phase 1). This departmental classification conceals more serious realities than Phase 2 in certain communes or population groups. For example, in the agro-pastoral zones of the North, the Artibonite and the Central High Plateau, some communes are probably in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis), but the proportion of the population in this situation relative to the population of the departments does not allow to be classified in Phase 3.

For households in a more severe situation:

  • Food consumption is reduced and minimal, or even deficient, in some areas considered in Phase 3. This result is consistent with the results of the August 2012 survey, whose values ​​of consumption indicators (SCA, EFM and SDDM) correspond to phase 2 or 3.
  • Livelihood strategies and assets are under pressure: selling livestock, abnormal migration, or cutting fruit trees for coal production.
  • For all municipalities, nutritional surveys for 2012 show the prevalence of levels of acute malnutrition corresponding to phase 2 or 1. For the North the rate in August was 9.5%, practically a level of Phase 3.
  • Phase 2 or worse households are in dry livelihood zones.

Phase 2 or worst-case households are normally found in the drier livelihood zones of each department (Dry Farming and Fishing Area, Plateau Agro-Pastoral Zone, Dry Agro-pastoral Zone).

In these areas:

  • The harvest has not yet begun due to the delay in the growing cycle caused by the late arrival of the rains this year.
  • Opportunities for income generation are limited at this time due to the lack of clean production, the decapitalization of households following the shocks of the year 2012, reduced agricultural labor opportunities and the reduction of labor-intensive programs, food aid.
  • Moreover, the prices of imported food tend to increase, which further reduces purchasing power.
  • Access to water remains precarious for a large part of the population.

Projection for September 2013 in the South-East 

The Southeast is classified in IPC Phase 2 for the month of September. This situation is determined by a considerable proportion of the poor and very poor of the three lifestyle zones, particularly the poor and very poor in the areas affected by the current drought: LaVallée, Bainet, Côte de Fer, Grand Gosier (in part) , Belle Anse (in part) and Jacmel (La Voute), as well as areas where there are likely to be road access problems: Belle-Anse, Jacmel (Marbial, Fond Melon), Côtes de fer, Bainet and Marigot.


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