Haiti: Acute Food Insecurity Situation September 2021 - February 2022 and Projection for March - June 2022
Haiti: 4.3 million people facing high acute food insecurity linked to earthquake, tropical storm and political instability
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Through February 2022, around 4.3 million people (44% of the population analysed) will experience high levels of acute food insecurity (IPC Phase 3 or above) and require urgent assistance. These include over 1.3 million people (14% of the population analysed) in a situation of Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and nearly 3 million people (30% of the population analysed in Crisis (IPC Phase 3).

Of the 32 areas analysed in the current situation, five are classified in Emergency (IPC Phase 4), including the central part of the South Department (Sud HT07) and Nippes HT07, the lower North-West (Nord-Ouest HT01), the high plateau (Centre HT03) and the poor and very poor neighbourhoods of Cité Soleil.The rest of the country has been classified in Crisis (IPC Phase 3). In addition to the areas classified in Emergency, there are other areas with a major severity, with 15% of their population estimated to be in IPC Phase 4. These are the Artibonite HT03 and HT04 zones, Grand ‘Anse HT07 and HT08 as well as the town of Jérémie, the coastal zones of the South (South HT08), South-East HT07, La Gonâve, the banana plain of the West (HT05) and West HT07. Among the areas classified in Crisis, Grand ’Anse HT07 and Artibonite HT03 have the highest number of people in need of immediate assistance, with more than 50% of their population in IPC Phase 3 or above.

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