Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC): Acute Food Insecurity Situation July - December 2019 and Projection for January - May 2020
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In DRC, the IPC analysis was conducted simultaneously in 5 different pools from 1 to 13 June 2019, followed by a national consolidation workshop in Goma from 8 to 11 July 2019. The analysis covered 109 territories for the current period of analysis (July to December 2019) and 84 for the projected period (January – May 2020) out of a national total of 145. The IPC results show that:

  • Between July and December 2019, 15.6 million people faced severe acute food insecurity (IPC phase 3 and more) including 11.7 million people in Crisis (Phase 3) and more than 3.9 million in Emergency (IPC Phase 4). For the projected period (January – May 2020), 13.6 million are expected to be in severe acute food insecurity with more than 3.6 million in Emergency (Phase 4).
  • The population most affected by severe food insecurity (Phase 3 and more) live in the Grand Kivu (the provinces of Maniema, North and South Kivu), the Grand Kasaï (provinces of Kasaï, Kasaï Central, Kasaï Oriental, Lomami and Sankuru), the Grand Katanga (provinces of Haut Katanga, Haut Lomami, Lualaba and Tanganyika) and the former Eastern provinces (Tshopo, Ituri, Bas Uélé and Haut Uélé). The situation is however the most critical for the provinces of Ituri, Kasaï, Kasaï-Central, Eastern Kasaï, South Kivu and Tanganyika where between 12% to 15% of the population are classified in Emergency (Phase 4).
  • These areas are affected by conflict (activities of armed groups or inter-community conflicts) that has led over the years to population displacements.
  • In addition, agriculture production is limited by key factors like plant diseases, spread of legionary caterpillars, limited access to land and low agriculture productivity of the land that is cultivated. Provinces like Ituri or North Kivu are also affected by the Ebola outbreak which adds to an already challenging food security context.

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