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Learning from country application: IPC-Chronic Lessons Learning Workshop and Working Group Meeting

Mar 2015

The IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification was launched in June 2014 and rolled out from September 2014 to January 2015 in 8 countries: Bangladesh, Burundi, El Salvador, Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Uganda, and Zimbabwe. All countries have either completed or are finalizing their analyses, except for Kenya that had to postpone this activity to April 2015, due to the necessity to prioritize acute analysis in areas affected by lack of rain in recent months. The IPC-Chronic analyses and related communication products are expected to be finalized and disseminated by the end of April 2015.

In line with the IPC technical development approach, the IPC GSU has conducted a lessons learning process as an integral part of the chronic food insecurity analysis roll-out, in order to refine the tools and approach on the basis of feedback from countries, Global Partners and GSU staff who supported country level activities. These inputs were presented and discussed at the IPC-Chronic Lessons Learning Workshop that took place in Rome from 25 to 27 February 2015. During the workshop, GSU staff, including IPC Regional Coordinators, as well as members of the IPC Nutrition Working Group and IPC-Chronic Working Group reviewed both technical aspects and process of the IPC Chronic roll-out.

Recommendations from the Lessons Learning Workshop were subsequently discussed at the three-day IPC-Chronic Working Group Meeting, which took place from 2 to 4 March 2015. Technical experts from different IPC Global Steering Committee member agencies (ACF, CARE, EC-JRC, FAO, FEWSNET, Save the Children, SICA-PRESANCA, and WFP) and from other partner institutions (FANTA and World Bank), attended the meeting and identified practical solutions to update and improve IPC-Chronic tools and procedures. As a result, the outcomes of the meeting have prepared the ground for the next phase of the IPC-Chronic roll-out and will serve as a basis for finalizing the IPC-Chronic tools, procedures and process.

IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Scale

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