Yemen: Acute Food Insecurity Situation in August 2012
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The food security situation in Yemen is currently unstable. Currently, staple cereals are generally available mainly (>90%) from the market imported outside of the country.

  • 46% (10,507,526) people are food insecure among which 24% (5,449,916) people are under Emergency (IPC Phase 2) and 22% (5,057,610) people in Crisis (IPC Phase 3).
  • More than 44.5% of the households food consumption is poor and on the borderline.
  • 42% of households has low diversity of food consumed.
  • Half a million people are internally displaced among which 335,415 are from North and 209,895 from South corridor. The continued episode of displacement further aggravated the food and livelihoods insecurity of the victims and resident host communities.
  • Although difficult to ascertain, due to absence of climatic information, the FEWS net remote sensing information shows that the season rainfall situation was near average for some governorates.
  • The continued depletion of the ground water resources is increasing aridity and reducing the economic prospects, making the population more vulnerable to food and livelihood insecurity.
  • The general consumer price index during the month has increased compared to the previous period. The global food prices continues increase will affect the supply as well as affordability of the staple food items at local markets of Yemen.
  • Moreover, the TOT for wage and animals against wheat, in June 2012, has deteriorated in many areas except few locations which compromised the purchasing power of the poor and access to staple food commodities.


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