Yemen: Projected Acute Food Insecurity Situation for March-July 2017
Food insecurity situation continues worsening. Humanitarian response is needed to prevent further deterioration.
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Food security in Yemen has deteriorated further since the last IPC analysis conducted in June 2016. An estimated 17 million people, which is equivalent to 60% of the total Yemeni population, are food insecure and require urgent humanitarian assistance to save lives and protect livelihoods. Among those, approximately 10.2 million people are in IPC Phase 3 ‘crisis’ and 6.8 million people are in IPC Phase 4 ‘emergency’. Nationally, the population under Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and Crisis (IPC Phase 3) has increased by 20% compared to the results of the June 2016 IPC analysis.

Acute malnutrition is a major outcome of the severe food insecurity and is at alarming levels. Malnutrition has been a serious problem in Yemen for a long time, especially chronic malnutrition (stunting). However, the prevalence of acute malnutrition (wasting) has been rising in recent years, peaking in the last three years. Out of 22 governorates of Yemen, four governorates (Abyan, Taiz, Al Hodaidah, and Hadramout) have Global Acute Malnutrition (GAM) prevalence above the WHO emergency threshold (≥15%). Seven and eight governorates have GAM prevalence at critical levels (10-14.9%) and serious levels (5-9.9%), respectively.

Humanitarian assistance to most affected governorates did not fully cover the targeted beneficiaries in 2016. Main challenges faced are; lack of funding,  the ongoing conflict, restricted movements of humanitarian aid workers and procurement and transportation of lifesaving supplies. Going forward, unconditional humanitarian access must be facilitated by all parties for all humanitarian actors to reach the most affected populations and scaled up to reach the demands of the growing population in need.

Worst affected Governorates:  Out of 22 governorates, Seven Governorates are in IPC Phase 4 (Emergency) –Lahej, Taiz, Abyan, Sa’ada, Hajjah, Al Hodaidah, and Shabwah. Ten Governorates are in IPC Phase 3 (Crisis) – Aden, Amran, Dhamar, Sana’a Governorate, Sana’a City, Ibb, Marib, Raymah, Al Mahwit, and Hadramout, and three Governorates are in IPC Phase 3! - Al Jawf, Al-Dale’e, and Al Bayda. 

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