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IPC Technical Manual Version 3.0 Key Messages

Click here to download key messages from the IPC Technical Manual Version 3.0.
Manuals  |   25/04/2019   |  Global

Guidelines for IPC Famine Classification

From the IPC perspective, Famine is a classification based on evidence that has been collected and analyzed according to minimum standards and technical consensus. This note addresses: The definition of Famine; Use of evidence on death rates when deaths are also caused by [...]
Guidelines  |   12/12/2016   |  Global

IPC Tools and Procedures for Classification of Acute Malnutrition

The IPC for Acute Malnutrition Classification complements the IPC for Acute Food Insecurity Classification by providing information on non-food security related factors that contribute to acute malnutrition. Additionally, the outcome of the IPC AFI classification is used as an input [...]
Manuals  |   17/11/2016   |  Global

IPC Tools and Procedures for Classification of Chronic Food Insecurity

The IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification follows the IPC core principles - technical consensus building, convergence of evidence, accountability, transparency and comparability - and is conducted according to the four IPC functions, namely Consensus Building, Classifying Severity, for Action, and [...]
Manuals  |   01/09/2016   |  Global

IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0

The purpose of this Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Technical Manual Version 2.0 is to provide food security analysts with technical standards and guidelines for conducting IPC analysis. Version 2.0 introduces revised standards based on field application and expert [...]
Manuals  |   31/05/2016   |  Global

IPC-Global Food Security Cluster Guidance on Global Standards for Collaboration at Country Level

The purpose of this document is to provide standardized guidance to country gFSC and IPC Technical Working Groups (TWG) on collaboration at country level for effective planning of IPC analysis and use of its findings to inform humanitarian plans and [...]
Guidelines  |   27/04/2016   |  Global

E-Learning Course on IPC Version 2.0 - Acute Food Insecurity Classification

This e-learning course, entitled Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) - version 2.0, provides an overview of IPC approach. The goal of this course is to provide guidance on how to use IPC tools and procedures specifically focused on acute [...]
Manuals  |   21/01/2016   |  Global

IPC and the Harmonised Framework for permanent analysis of the current vulnerability in the Sahel and West Africa

At the meeting of the Regional technical working group led by CILSS on 24 and 25 July 2008 in Niamey, it was decided to use IPC elements to improve the methodology of the Harmonised Framework for permanent analysis of the [...]
Manuals  |   01/04/2010   |  West Africa (CH)

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