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South Sudan: Acute Food Security Snapshot August 2019 – April 2020

In August 2019, an estimated 6.35 million people (54% of the population) are classified in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or worse acute food insecurity, among whom an estimated 1.7 million people are facing Emergency (IPC Phase 4) acute food insecurity [...]
Infographics  |   11/09/2019   |  East and Central Africa   |  South Sudan

Eswatini: Acute Food Security Snapshot June - September 2019 and Projection for October 2019 - March 2020

Between June and September 2019, it is estimated that over 200,000 people (20% of the rural population) are experiencing severe acute food insecurity and require urgent humanitarian action. These include around 157,000 people being in a crisis situation (Phase 3) [...]
Infographics  |   02/07/2019   |  Southern Africa   |  Eswatini

Central African Republic: Acute Food Insecurity Situation May - October 2019

Preliminary results pending dissemination at National level Between May and August 2019, 5 areas with a high concentration of displaced persons (Bria, Kaga-Bandoro, Obo, Rafai and Zémio) and the prefectures of Mbomou, Haute Kotto and Haut Mbomou are experiencing emergency conditions [...]
Infographics  |   20/06/2019   |  East and Central Africa   |  Central African Republic

IPC Technical Manual Version 3.0 Key Messages

Click here to download key messages from the IPC Technical Manual Version 3.0. Click here to download the IPC Technical Manual Version 3.0. Click here to access the interactive version of the IPC Technical Manual Version 3.0.
Manuals  |   25/04/2019   |  Global

South Sudan: Acute Food Insecurity and Malnutrition Situation January - July 2019

Owing to relentless armed conflict and population displacement, over 6.45 million people or 57 per cent of South Sudan’s population will face Crisis (IPC Phase 3) acute food insecurity or worse, with an estimated 45,000 people in Catastrophe (IPC Phase [...]
Infographics  |   22/02/2019   |  East and Central Africa   |  South Sudan

Somalia: Acute Food Insecurity Situation January - June 2019

Click here to download the snapshot.
Infographics  |   15/02/2019   |  East and Central Africa   |  Somalia

Yemen: Acute Food Insecurity Situation December 2018 – January 2019

Click here to download the snapshot.
Infographics  |   17/12/2018   |  Asia   |  Yemen


In September 2018, 6.1 million people (59% of the total population) are facing Crisis (IPC Phase 3), Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5). During the post –harvest period October-December 2018, the number of people in need of humanitarian [...]
Newsletters  |   28/09/2018   |  East and Central Africa   |  South Sudan

What is IPC?

This brochure provides a quick overview of the Integarted Food Security Phase Classification (IPC)  Key technical aspects Use and usefulness of the tool Coverage, and  Governance. 
Briefs  |   14/06/2018   |  Global

IPC ALERT - SOUTH SUDAN: Food security situation continues to be hampered and deteriorating

The food security situation continues to be hampered and deteriorating due to prolonged conflict, displacement, humanitarian access constraints, climatic shocks and macro-economic instability.
Newsletters  |   06/11/2017   |  East and Central Africa   |  South Sudan
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