The IPC Population Tracking Tool

The IPC Population Tracking Tool is an online platform that gives the public access to population data from more than 30 different countries. It allows users to download resource data for offline IPC analyses since 2017. All national population figures are based on official country population estimates. IPC estimates are those published in country IPC reports. 

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DISCLAIMER: It is acknowledged that, in some cases, due to rounding and process related issues, figures at subnational level or for specific IPC Phases may not add up to totals. For IPC analyses conducted in Somalia, IDP population data is only included at state level (administrative unit 1), not at district level. For some IPC analyses conducted in Burundi (2017 and 2018 projections) and DRC (June 2017), IPC estimates were not produced for each IPC Phase but instead merged across two phases (e.g. IPC Phase 3 and 4 combined). In these specific cases, IPC estimates only appear in one of the two IPC Phases/columns.

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