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In November 2017, in an effort to understand the severity and causes of food insecurity in southern parts of the country, the Angolan Government, with the assistance of FAO Angola and the IPC Global Support Unit (GSU) undertook an IPC Acute Food Insecurity training as well as a pilot analysis covering three provinces in the southern parts of the country. The selected provinces were the most affected by two consecutive El Niño induced droughts resulting in crop failure, livestock death and price increases between 2015 and 2016.

A fully-fledged IPC analysis was not possible due to serious data challenges (data not reliable) in the country, and the exercise was therefore considered a pilot. The data which was used for the pilot exercise was collected between October 2015 and March 2016.

The IPC Technical Working Group comprises Government departments and FAO. Angola requested for IPC Acute Food Insecurity training and analysis in 2018, pending the availability of data.

Country contacts

Kudzayi Kariri
IPC Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa
IPC Global Support Unit (IPC GSU) – Regional Coordination Team in SADC
Hosted at FAO REOSA- UN
UN House, Ground Floor, 1 Eglin Road Sunninghill
2191 Johannesburg, South Africa
[email protected]

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