Angola: Acute Malnutrition April - September 2021 and Projection for October 2021 - February 2022
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April - September 2021 
October 2021 - February 2022 



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An IPC Acute Malnutrition analysis of 10 municipalities in Southern Angola has revealed that around 114,000 children under the age of five are suffering or are likely to suffer from acute malnutrition in the next 12 months and therefore require treatment. Between April and September 2021, the municipalities of Humpata and Jamba in Huila Province, and Bibala and Moçâmedes in Namibe Province had Serious levels of acute malnutrition (IPC AMN Phase 3), the municipalities of Cuanhama and Cuvelai (Cunene), Chibia and Quilengues (Huila) and Camucuio (Namibe) had Alert levels of acute malnutrition (IPC AMN Phase 2), and the municipality of Namacunde, in the province of Cunene, the least affected, had Acceptable levels of acute malnutrition (IPC AMN Phase 1). Factors contributing to the high levels of acute malnutrition include inadequate and poor dietary intake, mainly due to high levels of acute food insecurity and inadequate care and feeding practices, and the high prevalence of infectious diseases, mainly due to inadequate access to safe drinking water and improved sanitation, low vaccination coverage and low health seeking behaviour. For the period of October 2021 to February 2022, a projection analysis of the situation suggests that the rainy season, characterized by food shortages and high incidence of acute malnutrition, may lead to a deterioration in all municipalities, thereby leading to a shift in phase from the current classification. For the four municipalities currently classified in IPC AMN Phase 3 (Serious), the situation could deteriorate to IPC AMN Phase 4 (Critical). The five municipalities classified in IPC AMN Phase 2 (Alert) could move to IPC AMN Phase 3, and the municipality of Namacunde classified in IPC AMN Phase 1 (Acceptable) could move to IPC AMN Phase 2.

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