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El Salvador

El Salvador was one of the first countries in the LAC region where the IPC was introduced in 2012. In 2014, the initiative was consolidated with a series of IPC Acute Food Insecurity analyses. In 2015, El Salvador became the first country in the region to conduct an IPC Chronic Food Insecurity analysis. In this period, El Salvador and other countries of the Dry Corridor region experienced one of the worst droughts of the past decade. The unprecedented El Niño and weather-related stress triggered food insecurity alarms, with serious consequences that persisted until 2017. The Dry Corridor region is still a priority for the country in terms of monitoring of the food security situation, and IPC Acute Food Insecurity analyses are conducted regularly in the region.

The IPC analysis is led by the National Council of Food and Nutritional Security (CONASAN) and a number of partners. These include SICA, WFP, FAO, OXFAM, FEWS NET, and various humanitarian and development response agencies (international and local NGOs).

Looking ahead, the national IPC Technical Working Group continues working towards widening the use of IPC analyses by response agencies - for example, by strengthening the analyses through gender and other socio economic indicators, and improving the early warning component by enhancing scenario development indicators and analysis.

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