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IPC in Somalia

The Food Security Analysis Unit (FSNAU) pioneered and rolled-out the IPC in Somalia in February 2004 and it has regularly applied it ever since, with two IPC Acute Food Insecurity analysis workshops done every year. 

The IPC analysis is led by FSNAU and partners, including FEWS NET, various humanitarian response agencies (WFP, OCHA, international and local NGOs), and de-facto governments of Somaliland, Puntland and the Federal Government of Somalia. Following a series of IPC trainings and awareness-raising activities in Somalia, the Government has recognized the need to be actively involved through capacity building and expansion of the Technical Working Group (TWG) membership to include relevant ministries and agencies.

IPC products are used regularly by response agencies, humanitarian country teams and funding agencies to evaluate the type and geographic targeting of humanitarian response proposals to ensure needs-based programming. In particular, the famine declared in July 2011, which followed a consensus among key humanitarian agencies orienting the response and coordination of interventions and allowed the saving of many lives, was based on IPC findings.

Looking ahead, the national IPC TWG plans to continue working towards: promoting institutionalization and increasing ownership of partners and government, and widening the use of IPC analysis by response agencies. Moreover, it seeks to strengthen IPC analyses through gender and other socio economic indicators and to improve the early warning component by enhancing scenario development indicators and analyses.

In 2018, the IPC Global Support Unit will support IPC institutionalization, capacity building, and quality assurance, by conducting a quality review of the upcoming analyses and further awareness-raising activities at different levels.

Country contacts

Mr. Belihu Negesse

IPC Regional Coordinator for East and Central Africa (ECA) 

IPC Global Support Unit (IPC GSU) - Regional Coordination Team

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