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South Sudan recognized IPC as the main methodology for food security analyses

Jul 2014
Eastern Africa South Sudan

In July 2014 the Government of South Sudan officially recognized IPC as the "main methodology to produce food security analyses" in the country. In particular, the Secretary General of the Republic of South Sudan Food Security Council (RSSFSC) stated:

The main methodology recognized by the RSSFSC to produce food security analyses is the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC), which is based on a rigorous and inclusive process, and in which the GRSS is fully involved. We welcome any inputs from any of the stakeholders that contribute to the IPC and which are aimed at clarifying or informing the food security situation in the Republic of South Sudan. On the other hand, I request stakeholders active in the food and nutrition security fields not to release or publish any independent or unilateral statements on the food and nutrition situation that are outside the technical process of the IPC.  

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