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IPC in Haiti - Strengthening food security analysis capacity

Jul 2014
Latin America & Caribbean Haiti

The IPC is relatively recent in Haiti, where the first Level 1 Training took place in March 2013. Since then, the IPC National Technical Working Group produced three IPC acute food insecurity analyses with increased complexity and quality. In the country, the IPC is increasingly acknowledged as a necessary tool for interagency collaboration in the field of food security analysis as well as for decision-making support.

A key milestone for the IPC process in the country was the participation of two IPC Analysts based in Haiti, Mr. Harmel Cazeau and Mr. Jean Carrel Norceide, in the Level 2 Training organized in Bujumbura, Burundi, in February 2014. Thanks to this Cross-country Learning experience, besides gaining capacity as IPC trainers and facilitators, Mr. Cazeau and Mr. Norceide had the opportunity to exchange impressions about the IPC process with other IPC practitioners.

Right after the training, the two IPC Analysts co-facilitated an IPC Acute Analysis in Haiti. Such analysis was fully based on the IPC Information Support System (ISS) and covered more than 50 geographical units of analysis. On the 22nd of April, the results of the analysis were presented to a large audience of food security stakeholders, who appreciated the value of the analysis for decision making.

Another IPC Acute Analysis is planned to take place at Port au Prince, Haiti, at the beginning of October. It will be the opportunity for Mr. Cazeau and Mr. Norceide to have the second co-facilitation experience that is required to be certified at Level 2. By the end of 2014, Mr. Cazeau and Mr. Norceide are expected to complete their Level 2 certification process, becoming the first two certified IPC Trainers and Facilitators in the Region.

Increased IPC capacity is necessary in Haiti, where the IPC process aims at being decentralized to the department level. Against this background, other IPC practitioners will be selected to participate in IPC Level 2 Trainings before the end of the year.


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