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Piloting the ISS in Honduras

Mar 2014
Latin America & Caribbean Honduras

The IPC ISS was piloted in Honduras from 9 to 13 September 2013. The pilot workshop was facilitated by the ISS Adviser, Thomas Gabrielle, and the IPC Regional Coordinator, Manuel Veiga López-Peña, and was organized in collaboration with the Food and Nutrition Security Roundtable of the Fonseca Gulf Region (Mesa SAN) and the IPC Technical Working Group (TWG) in charge of implementing IPC analysis in Southern Honduras. The workshop was attended by national stakeholders interested in learning more about the IPC. Four food security analysts from the regional project PRESISAN also took part in the pilot exercise and provided technical support.

The first day of the workshop was dedicated to train participants on the use of ISS, while the  rest of the workshop focused on the IPC analysis of the regional current food insecurity situation. The participants were divided in groups and each group was in charge of analyzing a livelihood zone of the Fonseca Gulf region (Agribusiness, Border Remittances, Basic Subsistence Grains, and Horticultural zone with coffee). The results of the group work were validated in plenary and uploaded to the ISS.

In the Basic Subsistence Grains Zone, the analysis was conducted by household groups. This was the first time that such type of analysis was carried out in the Region. This permitted to improve the IPC analysis that the TWG have been delivering so far and also to fully test all ISS features. During the pilot, participants considered that the ISS is a tool that would meaningfully facilitate the analysis process and agreed to start using it from then on. In particular:

  • The ISS allows the TWG to speed up the preparation of the communication template, since the preparation of the map and annex of the communication template is fully automatized.
  • With the ISS it is possible to upload information and raw evidence into a shared worksheet from different locations.
  • The worksheet displayed in the ISS is user friendly.
  • Facilitators of the analysis can monitor the process of completing the worksheets online.

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