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Mesa SAN del Golfo de Fonseca in Honduras - The most advanced group using IPC

Jun 2013
Latin America & Caribbean Honduras

In Honduras, as well as in other Central American countries, the Food and Nutrition Security is under the responsibility of decentralized structures called Mesas SAN (“Food and Nutrition Security Roundtable”). There are several Mesas in Honduras, covering different regions of the country. Southern Honduras is under the responsibility of the Mesa SAN del Golfo de Fonseca (Mesa R 13 in short).

Mesa R 13 is formed by a group of about 25 members representing national and international NGO’s working in Southern Honduras, municipalities, Government’s institutions, UN agencies, and the private sector.

The Mesa R 13 received the first IPC Level 1 training in July 2012. Back to back to the training, an acute analysis covering the majority of Southern Honduras was organized. In spite the difficulties faced during the first exercise, the Mesa R13 found IPC useful for its work and committed to continue using the IPC.

In September 2012, the Mesa R13 updated the analysis done in July with new available data and information. In November 2012, right after the second agricultural season, they repeated the analysis. On 18-19 June 2013, the Mesa R13 conducted its third analysis to reflect the change in the food security situation due to the decrease in the coffee production caused by a fungus disease that is affecting all Central America. The Mesa R13 has shown strong interest in applying the IPC since its first inception in July 2012. The IPC has helped the Mesa R 13 to deliver sound food security analysis and its work has become a reference for the other Mesas in Honduras.


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