Nigeria: Acute Malnutrition Situation September - December 2021 and Projections for January - April 2022 and May - August 2022
Over 1.7 million children under five likely acutely malnourished in North East Nigeria
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September - December 2021 
January - April 2022 
May - August 2022 



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The humanitarian crisis in North East Nigeria has become protracted, with conflict leading to widespread displacement, destroyed infrastructure and collapsed basic social services. Inadequate access to safe nutritious food, especially in the context of rising food prices, has led to poor feeding and breastfeeding practices. Infection trends, particularly for diarrhoea, measles and malaria, are undermining the nutritional status of children.

According to the latest IPC Acute Malnutrition (AMN) analysis, high levels of acute malnutrition are prevalent in many areas between September and December 2021, with over 60% of areas analysed being in IPC AMN Phase 3 (Serious) or 4 (Critical). Over 1.74 million children under the age of five are expected to suffer from acute malnutrition through August 2022. This includes nearly 614,000 children severely malnourished and over one million moderately malnourished. In addition, over 151,000 pregnant and lactating women will likely be acutely malnourished.

Between September and December 2021, eight Local Government Areas (LGAs) are classified in IPC AMN Phase 4 (Critical), 29 LGAs in IPC AMN Phase 3 (Serious), 14 LGAs in IPC AMN Phase 2 (Alert) and ten LGAs in IPC AMN Phase 1 (Acceptable). This shows a sharp rise in the levels of acute malnutrition compared to the same period last year, since the number of LGAs in IPC AMN Phase 4 increased from seven to eight and those in IPC AMN Phase 3 increased from 19 to 29.

During the first projection (January – April 2022), corresponding to the post-harvest season, when compared to the current period, the nutrition situation of 24 LGAs is expected to improve, whereas the situation of 35 LGAs is expected to remain the same and that of two LGAs (Chibok and Hawul) is expected to deteriorate. During the second projection (May – August 2022), corresponding to the lean season, when compared to the first projection period, the nutrition situation is expected to deteriorate in 45 LGAs and to remain the same in 16 LGAs. This is based on the assumptions that the security situation deteriorates, food accessibility decreases, and that there are outbreaks of measles and a high incidence of Acute Respiratory Infections (ARIs).

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