Zambia: Acute Food Insecurity Situation from May and September 2018 and Projection for October 2018 and March 2019
01.05.2018 > 31.03.2019


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The food security situation between May and September was generally stable with the majority of the 58 districts being classified in IPC Phase 2 however two districts namely Lunga and Mambwe were classified in IPC Crisis Phase 3. During this period, about 610,067 people will be facing IPC Phase 3 or worse food security situation. This represents 8% of the analysed population in IPC Phase 3 and 3% in IPC Phase 4 Classification.

The food security situation is projected to worsen during the peak hunger period between October and March 2019 with about 19 districts classified in IPC Phase 3, culminating to about 954,119 people in IPC Phase 3 or worse; 11% of the analysed population in IPC Phase 3 and 4% in IPC Phase 4 Classification. This is largely due to erratic rainfall which was characterised by late onset, mid-season dry spells and outbreak of crop pests which led to reduced crop production across the country.

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