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As with other countries in the Southern African Development Community region, the 2016 El Niño phenomenon provided impetus for Lesotho to introduce the IPC Acute Food Insecurity classification. The country committed to undertaking at least one analysis per year and has done so at district level for the whole country.

In 2016, Lesotho made a first attempt to integrate IPC into the Vulnerability Assessment and Analysis process chaired by the Disaster Management Authority. The Lesotho Vulnerability Committee (LVAC) undertakes an annual assessment that provides information for IPC analyses in the country. The IPC Technical Working Group forms a committee of LVAC and is composed of Government departments, UN Agencies (UNICEF, WFP and FAO) and a few NGOs, namely Care, Oxfam, Save the Children and Lesotho Red Cross Society.

Since the El Niño-induced drought of 2016, which resulted in increased food insecurity in the region, IPC results have been used to inform and respond to food insecurity in the country.

Though there has been increased effort to understand chronic food insecurity challenges in Lesotho, the country has yet to request for in-country IPC Chronic Food Insecurity analysis. The country will instead be undertaking IPC Acute Food Insecurity training and analysis in 2018.

Country contacts

Kudzayi Kariri
IPC Regional Coordinator for Southern Africa
IPC Global Support Unit (IPC GSU) – Regional Coordination Team in SADC
Hosted at FAO REOSA- UN
UN House, Ground Floor, 1 Eglin Road Sunninghill
2191 Johannesburg, South Africa
[email protected]

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