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IPC GSU Quality Compliance Review and Strategic Engagement Plan in Afghanistan: Successful model for replication

The IPC Quality Compliance Review aims at supporting  countries implementing IPC v2.0 Acute Food Security Classification to evaluate the quality (i.e. technical validity) of analyses, review the inclusivity and transparency of IPC processes, and determine the sustainability of country-level IPC [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Afghanistan

IPC Chronic Analysis in Burundi

Burundi is one of the three countries which rolled out the IPC-Chronic Analysis in East and Central Africa, since the second semester of 2014, following the six IPC-Chronic implementation steps.The IPC-Chronic Analysis was conducted from 22 to 27 November 2014, [...]
Chronic Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Burundi

IPC Chronic Analysis in Uganda

In Uganda, the IPC-Chronic Analysis workshop was conducted from 2 to 6 February 2015, with the participation of Ministry of Health, Ministry of Agriculture and District Offices. Also representatives from FAO, FEWS NET, World Vision, Red Cross and WFP actively [...]
Chronic Food Insecurity Classification - Information Support System   |
|   Uganda

1st IPC Acute Analysis in Rwanda: Towards the institutionalization of IPC

In 2014 the Government of Rwanda expressed its interest in adopting IPC in order to inform the formulation of adequate decisions to address the issue of national food insecurity and malnutrition. As a result, the first IPC Level 1 Training [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification - Acute Malnutrition Classification   |
|   Rwanda

IPC Acute Analysis Workshop in Malawi

In Malawi, an IPC Level 1 Training, including a session on the use of the IPC Information Support System, and an IPC Acute Food insecurity Analysis were conducted in December 2014.The Malawi Technical Working Group (TWG) that conducted the analysis [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification - Acute Malnutrition Classification   |
|   Malawi

Increased synergies and exchanges between IPC and CH

IPC and CILSS keep working together in the development and harmonization of IPC and Cadre Harmonisé (CH) tools and procedures. The latest landmark in the collaboration between CILSS Agrhymet and IPC GSU is represented by the active participation of CILSS [...]
Acute Malnutrition Classification - Cadre Harmonisé - Chronic Food Insecurity Classification   |

1st IPC-Chronic Analysis in Bangladesh and support to Nepal and Philippines

The first IPC-Chronic Analysis in Asia was implemented in Bangladesh in November 2014. Two other countries in Asia, i.e. Nepal and Philippines, are also in the process of rolling-out IPC-Chronic.Before the IPC-Chronic Analysis, Bangladesh had already conducted a 2-day IPC [...]
Chronic Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Bangladesh

Compliance review of NeKSAP/IPC in Nepal

In December 2014, Cindy Holleman, IPC Global Programme Manager, travelled to Nepal together with the IPC Compliance Officer and the IPC Regional Coordinator for Asia to discuss with national stakeholders the compliance review of the Nepal’s Food Security Monitoring System [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification - Chronic Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Nepal

Welcome, Jerry!

The IPC Team is happy to welcome Mr. Jerry Argüello, the newly appointed IPC Regional Coordinator for Latin America and Caribbean. Jerry will officially take up his position starting from April 2015. He will sit in SICA-PRESANCA, a Regional Inter-governmental [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification - Acute Malnutrition Classification - Chronic Food Insecurity Classification   |

IPC Professional Capacity continues to rise in LAC

In Latin America and Caribbean, during the fourth quarter of 2014, the number of people fulfilling the requirements to be certified as IPC Analysts and as IPC Trainers & Facilitators increased significantly.Currently there are 61 certified IPC Analysts and 10 [...]
Certification Programme   |

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