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Haiti: Acute Food Insecurity Analysis - Rural Zones

16/09/2019 - 20/09/2019
Latin America & Caribbean Haiti Port au Prince
IPC Regional Coordination Unit Latin America and Caribbean

The IPC analysis of Acute Food Insecurity is performed after each main assessment and whenever it is necessary (e.g. after a shock or disaster). During the analysis workshop, the food insecurity situation is determined by applying the IPC approach and procedures, which involve a range of outcomes based on international standards including food consumption levels, livelihood changes, nutritional status, and mortality. Attending IPC Analyses is one of the key requirements for obtaining the IPC certification as “IPC Analyst” and “IPC Trainer and Facilitator” in the IPC Acute Food Insecurity classification.


Mr. Jerry Arguello
IPC Regional Coordinator for Latin America and the Caribbean
IPC Global Support Unit (IPC GSU)
Hosted at FAO El Salvador, Boulevard del Hipódromo 110
Colonia San Benito - Zona Rosa, San Salvador, SV, El Salvador

[email protected]

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