Acute Food Insecurity Classification

From April to June 2016, 8.4 million people were classified in the acute food insecurity crisis and emergency situation all over Afghanistan. The most food insecure populations were located in Ghor, Badakhshan, Nuristan & Nangarhar that were in higher crises & emergency phases.  With the a [...]

Apr 2016 / Dec 2016

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

Notice: Indicative IPC Acute Phase Classification is a new pilot initiative by the IPC GSU to allow classification of areas when (i) the minimum confidence level of analyses is not reached due to absence of reliable or up to date outcome evidence as a result of lack of humanitarian access and (ii) t [...]

Sep 2015 / Mar 2016

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

According to the IPC analysis conducted in September 2014, 1 province is in Phase 4, 15 provinces are in Phase 3, 17 in Phase 2 and 1 in Phase 1. Around 4.5% of the total population (1.183 million people) is in Phase 4 (Emergency), 18.8% (4.902 million) in Phase 3 (Crisis), 26.3% (6.841 million) in [...]

Sep 2014 / Mar 2015

Acute Food Insecurity Classification

The IPC Acute Food Insecurity Analysis Workshop (5-16 November) covered for the first time all 34 provinces of Afghanistan.  Badakhshan and Ghor are the provinces worst affected by acute food insecurity, classified in Phase 4 (emergency) and must be highly prioritized for assistance.  14 provi [...]

Nov 2013 / Dec 2013

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