Tri-national Border of Rio Lempa: Acute Food Insecurity Projection Update June to August 2022
148,000 people likely to be in Crisis or Emergency Food Insecurity (IPC Phase 3 and 4)
01.06.2022 > 31.08.2022


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Since several months have passed since the second projection of the November 2021 analysis in the Rio Lempa Trinatonal Region, it is considered necessary to verify the accuracy of the assumptions; therefore, the present analysis of acute food insecurity is an update of the projected classification from June to August 2022. This period corresponds to the so-called Seasonal Hunger period, and the analysis includes four micro-regions of the Trifinio Region: Cayaguanca, Ch’orti’, Güija and Ocotepeque, with a total analyzed population of 515,000 people.

The update has resulted in adjustments to the population estimates, but the classifications are maintained. The total population in IPC Phase 4 (Emergency) increased from 12,000 people to 22,000, at the expense of the deterioration of the population in Phase 3 (Critical). Likewise, the population in IPC Phase 2 (Stressed) increased from 177,000 to 185,000, at the expense of the deterioration of the population in IPC Phase 1 (Minimal/No Food Insecurity). The Ch’orti’ micro-region is the most vulnerable population, with 8% of the population in Emergency conditions (IPC Phase 4) and 35% in Crisis (IPC Phase 3), which represents a little more than 103,000 people who require immediate attention.

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