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The IPC Information Support System (ISS) 2015

IPC Global Brief Series 2015

May 2015

The IPC Information Support System (ISS) is a new innovative web-based application that has been designed to facilitate global, regional and national stakeholders in creating, storing, and disseminating IPC analyses and information. The ISS simplifies the IPC analysis process by digitizing the IPC tools needed to implement the IPC four core functions: Building Technical Consensus; Classifying Severity and Causes; Communicating for Action; and Quality Assurance.

The ISS is easy to use because it mirrors the IPC steps for conducting IPC Acute and, more recently, Chronic Food Insecurity Analysis and it facilitates greater access to IPC analyses and results. The ISS platform consists of two entry points: the country portals, in the backend, owned and managed by IPC Country Technical Working Groups, and the public interface in the frontend, where users can see the IPC Acute and Chronic Food Insecurity Analyses validated and shared by countries.

In 2014, the ISS has also been developed for conducting IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Analysis and so far it has been utilized by the 8 countries that rolled out the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification: Bangladesh, Burundi, El Salvador, Kenya, Nepal, Philippines, Zimbabwe and Uganda.

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