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Official Release of the 2nd Round of IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Analysis in Bangladesh

The results of the 2nd round of the IPC Chronic Food Security Analysis conducted in Bangaldesh last year in December 2015 have been officially released at the Technical Seminar held on 28th June 2016, in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  Following the successful completion and [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   28/06/2016   |  Asia   |  Bangladesh

IPC ALERT - YEMEN: Immediate actions needed to face a worsening emergency situation

As of June 2016, 14.12 million people are estimated to be in Crisis (IPC Phase 3), and Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and require urgent humanitarian assistance. This corresponds to 51% of the population and represents an increase of 9.4% compared to the [...]
Newsletters  |   21/06/2016   |  Asia   |  Yemen

IPC ALERT - SOUTH SUDAN: Rising Food Insecurity and Critical Malnutrition

As of April 2016, 4.3 million people were estimated to be in Crisis (IPC Phase 3), Emergency (IPC Phase 4) and Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5) and require urgent humanitarian assistance. This is a significant increase compared to the first quarter [...]
Newsletters  |   13/06/2016   |  East and Central Africa   |  South Sudan

IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0

The purpose of this Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) Technical Manual Version 2.0 is to provide food security analysts with technical standards and guidelines for conducting IPC analysis. Version 2.0 introduces revised standards based on field application and expert [...]
Manuals  |   31/05/2016   |  Global

IPC-Global Food Security Cluster Guidance on Global Standards for Collaboration at Country Level

The purpose of this document is to provide standardized guidance to country gFSC and IPC Technical Working Groups (TWG) on collaboration at country level for effective planning of IPC analysis and use of its findings to inform humanitarian plans and [...]
Guidelines  |   27/04/2016   |  Global

IPC Global Partners' Call for Immediate Humanitarian Action to Assess Famine Risk in Unity State of South Sudan

Based on the final conclusions of the IPC Global Emergency Review Commitee (ERC) and IPC SS TWG updated IPC analysis December 2015, the IPC Global Partners acknowledge the concerns on the severity of the situation and the lack of evidence and [...]
Newsletters  |   10/02/2016   |  East and Central Africa   |  South Sudan

E-Learning Course on IPC Version 2.0 - Acute Food Insecurity Classification

This e-learning course, entitled Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) - version 2.0, provides an overview of IPC approach. The goal of this course is to provide guidance on how to use IPC tools and procedures specifically focused on acute [...]
Manuals  |   21/01/2016   |  Global

Official Release of the Results of 1st Round of IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Analysis in Bangladesh

Twenty seven percent of the total population in eighteen vulnerable districts in the northern and southern parts of Bangladesh suffer from chronic food insecurity and nine percent of this population is severely chronically food insecure.  The chronically food insecure population usually [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   17/11/2015   |  Asia   |  Bangladesh

IPC ALERT - SOUTH SUDAN: Call for Immediate Humanitarian Action to prevent Famine

  Currently, 3.1 million are in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) and 830,000 in Emergency (IPC Phase 4), and of extreme concern are 30,000 people estimated to be Catastrophe (IPC Phase 5) requiring urgent humanitarian assistance; Famine is not declared at this time in areas highly [...]
Newsletters  |   30/10/2015   |  East and Central Africa   |  South Sudan

IPC Newsletter - June 2015

The seventh issue of the IPC Newsletter highlights important initiatives and developments undertaken at global level, among them: insights from the 3rd IPC Global Event, held in the framework of the EXPO Milano 2015, the new IPC Quality Assurance, Compliance [...]
Newsletters  |   10/07/2015   |  Global

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