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IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification - 2013

After many years of use in crisis situations, the IPC Acute Food Insecurity Phase Classification scale is now being complemented with a new IPC scale that measures chronic food insecurity in non-crisis and development contexts.IPC countries communicated that they needed [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  Global

IPC in East and Central Africa 2013

Countries in the East and Central Africa Region are leading in the implementation of the IPC worldwide. Building on years of implementation, the IPC has become a reference in the region for evidence-based and comparable food security analysis. This has [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  East and Central Africa

IPC in Asia 2013

After several past IPC consultations and exercises in the region, the IPC took off in Asia in 2012 with a regional project funded by ECHO which provided country level IPC training and capacity building support. This initiative proved successful as [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  Asia

IPC in Central America and the Caribbean 2013

Central America and the Caribbean is the latest region where the IPC is being introduced. The process of introducing the IPC started with Honduras in May 2010. Since then, IPC trainings and analyses have taken place in four other countries: [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  Latin America & Caribbean

IPC support to West Africa 2013

Since the early 2000s, the Permanent Interstate Committee for Drought Control in the Sahel (CILSS) has been engaged in the development and testing of the Harmonized Framework for the Analysis and Identification of Areas at Risk and Vulnerable Groups in [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  West Africa

IPC in Southern Africa 2013

The IPC initiative in Southern Africa is guided and implemented within the region through Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Regional Vulnerability Assessment Committee (RVAC) of the Southern Africa Development Community. There is a well-established system of National Vulnerability Assessment Committees [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  Southern Africa

IPC Global Initiative 2013

As of 2013, IPC activities have been led in more than 40 Countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America, and 29 countries regularly lead IPC analysis activities to help decision makers better address the hunger and food insecurity challenge.The IPC [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  Global

Relevance of IPC for Decision Making in Non-Crisis and Developmental Contexts

While the IPC was originally developed in a complex emergency context, its expanded usage is often in non-crisis and developmental contexts, which has provoked  demand for clearer explanation of how it is relevant in these contexts. This paper aims to explain: [...]
Briefs  |   01/10/2012   |  Global
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