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IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification version 1.0 2014

After many years of use of the IPC approach to inform the need of interventions with short-term objectives to address crisis situations, the version 1.0 of the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification, also abbreviated as IPC-Chronic Classification, has been developed [...]
Briefs  |   02/07/2014   |  Global

Prototype of IPC Nutrition Classification

Although nutrition elements are integrated within the IPC analysis, currently the IPC does not incorporate a full nutrition situation overview in terms of considering malnutrition caused by other factors than food insecurity. A new interest has risen to complement the standard [...]
Briefs  |   02/07/2014   |  Global

IPC Global Initiative 2014

Learning from years of implementation, the Version 2.0 of the IPC technical guidance was released in 2012, leading to greater rigor and quality of products. Since then, the IPC scale has been expanded to measure chronic food insecurity in non-crisis [...]
Briefs  |   30/06/2014   |  Global

IPC Certification Programme 2014

This certification programme presents a unique opportunity for a food security expert to become a globally certified IPC Professional. It builds IPC capacity through knowledge, practice and professional standards. The aim of the Certification Programme is to harmonize IPC Trainings [...]
Briefs  |   30/06/2014   |  Global

The IPC Information Support System 2014

The IPC Information Support System (ISS) is a new innovative web-based application that has been designed to efficiently create, store, and disseminate the IPC version 2.0 analyses and information. The ISS simplifies the IPC analysis process by the digitization of [...]
Briefs  |   30/06/2014   |  Global

IPC in Asia 2014

After several IPC consultations and exercises in the region, the IPC took off in Asia in 2012 with a regional project funded by ECHO, which provided country level IPC trainings and capacity building support. This initiative proved successful as it [...]
Briefs  |   30/06/2014   |  Asia

IPC in East and Central Africa 2014

Countries in the East and Central Africa Region were the staring point for the worldwide implementation of the IPC. The IPC was originally developed in 2004 in Somalia by the Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) and, based on [...]
Briefs  |   30/06/2014   |  East and Central Africa

IPC in Central America and the Caribbean 2014

Central America and the Caribbean is the latest region where the IPC has been introduced. The IPC introduction process started in Honduras, in May 2010. Since then, IPC trainings and analyses have taken place in four other countries: Guatemala, El [...]
Briefs  |   30/06/2014   |  Latin America & Caribbean

IPC in Southern Africa 2014

The IPC initiative in Southern Africa is guided and implemented within the region through the Southern Africa Development Community (SADC) Regional Vulnerability Assessment Committee (RVAC). The SADC RVAC provides technical coordination and support to SADC member countries in the region [...]
Briefs  |   30/06/2014   |  Southern Africa

The IPC Information Support System 2013

This brief aims to describe the IPC Information Support System (ISS), a new innovative web-based application which has been designed to efficiently create, store, and disseminate the IPC version 2.0 analyses and information. The ISS simplifies the IPC analysis process by [...]
Briefs  |   03/10/2013   |  Global
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