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Côte d’Ivoire: Deuxième cycle d’analyse IPC version 1.0

Le deuxième cycle d’analyse IPC de la Côte d’Ivoire couvre la période de septembre 2007 à juin 2008.Cette période est marquée par la lente progression du processus de sortie de crise à laquelle le pays faitface depuis 2002.
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   02/06/2008   |  West Africa   |  Côte d'Ivoire

Vulnerability to Hunger - Improving Food Crisis Responses in Fragile States

The study examines the imperative for improved classification and analysis of food crises in different fragile contexts. Recognizing the persistence and protracted nature of food crises, the paper questions how prevention and response mechanisms could be improved to help decision-makers [...]
Studies  |   14/05/2008   |  Global

Burundi: Classification integrée des phases de la sécurité alimentaire - IPC Jan-Jui 2008

L’analyse de la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle au Burundi a récemment intégré l’approche du « Cadre Intégré de Classification des  Phases  de la Sécurité Alimentaire (IPC) parmi les outils développés pour évaluer la vulnérabilité à l’insécurité alimentaire et à la [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   18/04/2008   |  East and Central Africa   |  Burundi

Kenya Long Rains Assessment Reports 2008

The food security outcomes resulting from the 2008 long rains contrasted sharply, across and within livelihoods. It is estimated that about 1.38 million people in rural areas are highly food insecure and will not be able to meet their minimum [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   13/04/2008   |  East and Central Africa   |  Kenya

The quarterly Livelihood Analysis Forum (LAF)

The classification process highlighted the currently weak monitoring and information sharing system, and revealed the need to address this to ensure that future livelihood analysis sessions are successful and useful to decision and response makers.However, despite lack of some data [...]
Newsletters  |   07/04/2008   |  East and Central Africa   |  Sudan

IPC in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe: New food security tool first for the region
Articles  |   24/03/2008   |  Southern Africa   |  Zimbabwe

Kenya Short Rains Assessment Reports 2008

The Short Rains Assessment 2008 was conducted in February 2008 to determine the impact of the short rains season on the food security situation of arid and semi arid districts. Assessments were also conducted in the conflict-affected areas to evaluate [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   11/03/2008   |  East and Central Africa   |  Kenya

Cadre Intégré de Classification de la Phase Humanitaire et de la Sécurité Alimentaire, IPC

Bien qu’il existe une définition largement acceptée de la sécurité alimentaire , la classification de diverses situations de la sécurité alimentaire, en termes de niveaux de sévérité et d’implications pour l’action, manque de clarté et de définitions communes au niveau [...]
Reports  |   28/02/2008   |  East and Central Africa   |  Democratic Republic of the Congo

Sudan Proceedings of the Livelihood Analysis Forum

The fourth quarter of the Livelihoods Analysis Forum (LAF) took place from 4-6 December, 2007 at the premises of Southern Sudan Commission of Census Statistics and Evaluation (SSCCSE) meeting Hall, Juba. The SSCCSE is the institutional home of the forum. [...]
Reports  |   04/12/2007   |  East and Central Africa   |  Sudan

World - Africa: New improved disaster response tool

A new tool has been developed to help humanitarian agencies and donors analyse a disaster situation, make a comparison with another disaster that might be unfolding in a different part of the globe, and plan and prioritise their response to [...]
Articles  |   14/11/2007   |  Global

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