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IPC and the Harmonised Framework for permanent analysis of the current vulnerability in the Sahel and West Africa

At the meeting of the Regional technical working group led by CILSS on 24 and 25 July 2008 in Niamey, it was decided to use IPC elements to improve the methodology of the Harmonised Framework for permanent analysis of the [...]
Guidelines  |   01/04/2010   |  West Africa

IPC in the "Periodismo Humano" (a spanish Web site)

The article  outlines the work conducted by the MARS Unit of Joint Research Center of the European Commission (EC-JRC) and presents how the IPC-System integrates and utilizes satellites data. "Una de cada seis personas pasa hambre en el mundo: Los satélites [...]
Articles  |   22/03/2010   |  Global

Where Will the Next Food Crisis Strike?

This article referes to the IPC as new system that can bring scientific results closer to the decision making process thus facilitating and accelerating the reaction time to food security.
Articles  |   12/03/2010   |  Global

Kenya Long Rains Assessment Reports 2009

The expected 2009 long rain season maize production is estimated at 1.84 million MT, which is 28 percent below normal. There is a growing apprehension that the estimated production could further be revised downwards due to insufficient and erratic rains [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   04/01/2010   |  East and Central Africa   |  Kenya

IPC: Using information to fight food insecurity

This Month's Highlight of the ROSA Bulletin is the IPC which is presented as an innovative approach to qualify each food insecurity situation, determine its level of severity, identify causes and provide tools for decision-makers. The article also proposes some [...]
Articles  |   01/10/2009   |  Global

Hungry for Change

Save the Children just released the report on “Hungry for Change: An eight-step, costed plan of action to tackle global child hunger” which makes a compelling case for greater political leadership to put an end to needless child suffering and [...]
Reports  |   12/09/2009   |  Global

Cote d'Ivoire: Quatrième cycle d’analyse IPC version 1.0 - Rapport de synthèse Septembre 2009

En raison des besoins importants en terme d’analyse de la sécurité alimentaire et de la nutrition en Côte d’Ivoire, le Ministère de l’Agriculture, sous l’égide de la FAO, a adopté l’outil IPC (Cadre intégré de classification de la sécurité alimentaire) [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   02/09/2009   |  West Africa   |  Côte d'Ivoire

Burundi Atelier de publication des résultats d’analyse IPC Juin - Décembre 2009 B

..L'Unité d’Analyse de la Sécurité alimentaire pour la Somalie (FSAU1) de la FAO a développé un outil de lecture consensuelle et concertée des crises alimentaires et nutritionnelles dénommé « Cadre Intégré de Classification des Phases de la Sécurité Alimentaire (IPC)» [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   21/08/2009   |  East and Central Africa   |  Burundi

Côte d’Ivoire: Troisième cycle d’analyse IPC version 1.0

Cadre intégré de classification de la sécurité alimentaire (IPC)Troisième cycle d’analyse Côte d’Ivoire
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   02/05/2009   |  West Africa   |  Côte d'Ivoire

Crisis management: assessing food security

Food insecurity is one of the greatest challenges of today with almost one billion people undernourished worldwide. This number has recently been growing due to soaring food prices. The current economic crisis and climate change prospects are among the possible [...]
Articles  |   05/03/2009   |  Global

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