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In this issue: Focus Project Countries Activities  Supplementary Project Countries and Regional activities. 
Newsletters  |   31/07/2012   |  Asia

IPC in Asia - Special Focus to Strengthen IPC Capacity

Introduction of IPC into the Asian region is part of a global process facilitated by the Inter-agency Global IPC Initiative and guided by the IPC Global Steering Committee. The IPC initiative is committed to improve the effectiveness and efficiency of [...]
Brochures  |   01/06/2012   |  Asia

Mapping Information Systems for Better Food Security Decisions in CAR

This report is the result of a mission conducted by ACAPS in support to FAO under the umbrella of the regional Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG).The field mission took place from 7 to 22 March 2012. The main [...]
Reports  |   08/05/2012   |  East and Central Africa   |  Central African Republic

Launch of the Food Security and Nutrition Stakeholders’ Contacts Database

The Food Security and Nutrition Stakeholders ’ contact database is a web-based database developed with the aim of assisting the Food Security and Nutrition Working Group (FSNWG)members and related stakeholders to coordinate food security and nutrition assessments, analysis, trainings and [...]
Newsletters  |   21/03/2012   |  Global

First season harvesting begins in some bimodal areas

The first season harvests have started in some areas and fresh produce, especially beans and green maize and vegetables, is available in the market and for household consumption. In southern, central and western Uganda, where the first season rains were [...]
Reports  |   05/08/2011   |  East and Central Africa

Final Evaluation of the IPC Global Project (September 2009 – December 2010)

This report represents the findings of the independent final evaluation, conducted in January and February 2011, of the first two phases of the IPC global project. It provides insight into progress made toward the project’s objectives and provides insight into key [...]
Reports  |   04/07/2011   |  Global

External Evaluation of the IPC Global Project - Phase 1: September 2008 ‐ June 2009

This report outlines the findings of the independent final evaluation of the IPC programme and global project undertaken in July and August 2009. The overall results and impact of the programme from inception to date were assessed to provide an [...]
Reports  |   15/06/2011   |  Global

IPC Glossary of Terms

Glossaries English - French - EnglishEnglish - Spanish
Guidelines  |   15/06/2011   |  Global

Uganda IPC national Analysis Workshop

Objectives of the workshop:(a) Update the meta‐data analysis with new data for the sub‐regions,(b) Update the regional/national IPC map together with the analysis templates and summary statements based on the meta‐data analysis,(c) Build capacity on the use of the IPC [...]
IPC Analyses (Previous Versions)  |   24/04/2011   |  East and Central Africa   |  Uganda

External End-of-Project Evaluation Report for the Central and Eastern African Region

This external End-of-Project Evaluation of the Integrated Food Security Phase Classification (IPC) in Central and Eastern Africa assesses the overall results and impact of the programme from inception to date and provides an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of [...]
Reports  |   01/03/2011   |  East and Central Africa

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