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IPC Information Support System (ISS)

The IPC Information Support System (ISS) is a web-based application for national stakeholders to utilize in building IPC Analyses. The ISS is easy to use because it mirrors the IPC analysis manuals (Acute, Chronic, Malnutrition). The ISS is translated into 3 languages (English, French, and Spanish) with the possibility of translating into any language. The application is free to use but requires a strong internet connection to utilize.

The ISS can enhance an IPC analysis in the following ways:

  • enhances quality of the analysis by using a structured tool;
  • improves understanding of the IPC because all functions are packaged in a software;
  • reduces time (and cost) of the analysis as the ISS automates IPC Functions including the creation of a Communication Template;
  • lessens reliance on GIS experts by automatically creating a map;
  • increases transparency by allowing technical partners and other stakeholders access to the analysis (where the country establishes permissions to do so);
  • enables historical database of previous analyses per country; and
  • enables regional and global comparison of national analyses on one screen.

The ISS was developed by the Global Support Unit for countries to use for all IPC Analyses. The application is provided on a voluntary basis to countries conducting IPC Analyses and usage is on an opt-in basis at no cost. Minimal technical capacity is required as the system is online and secure against unwarranted users. A country must nominate a System Admin, ideally someone from the TEchnical  Working Group who has basic IT skills to create user accounts and grant permissions. The ISS is a web-based application and requires a steady and strong internet connection. Countries planning to utilize the ISS to facilitate the IPC analysis process should select venues with appropriate internet bandwidth (Skype video should work well).

Access to Country Portals

Links to ISS documentation

  • ISS Training Methodology
  • ISS Check List for usage
  • ISS Best Practices and Internet Connectivity
  • ISS Administrative User Guide
  • ISS Analysts User Guide – Acute, Chronic

ISS Contact Information

Thomas Gabrielle

ISS Senior Advisor Thomas.Gabrielle@fao.org

Skype: thomasgabrielle

Tel. +1 301.646.8062

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