IPC Strategic Engagement in Asia - Bangladesh and Myanmar

Nov 2015

In October 2015, IPC GSU conducted an IPC strategic consolidation mission to Bangladesh and an IPC strategic inception mission to Myanmar. 

In Bangladesh, IPC GSU team led by Ms. Cindy Holleman (the IPC Global Program Manager) engaged with the representatives of the Government of Bangladesh, the donor community, and UN country teams and heads of agencies, and briefed them on IPC potentials and use in the country. The purpose of the mission was to identify key areas of support to capacity building over a three-year period, which is in line with the vision and action plan of the IPC Global Strategic Programme (2014-2018). 

The mission resulted in a series of recommendations and follow up actions for both GSU and the country IPC Technical Working Group including: (i) the formulation of a 3-5 years IPC Consolidation Strategy in Bangladesh (ii) the development of a Technical Capacity Support Plan for Bangladesh in 2016-18.

From 17 to 20 October 2015, the IPC Global Program Manager led another IPC inception mission to Myanmar, which had been identified as a new country to receive capacity support under the IPC Global Strategic Programme (2014-2018). During the mission, the IPC Global Programme Manager had the possiblility to hold high level discussions with senior officials of the relevant ministries of the Government of Myanmar, who confirmed the Government’s interest in having an introduction and piloting stage of IPC to evaluate the usefulness of the tool for Myanmar. The pilot stage should start in 2016 and will incorporate both the IPC Acute and Chronic scale.

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