IPC GSU Retroactive Quality Review in Uganda

Sep 2015
East and Central Africa Uganda

Since 2007, Uganda has been utilizing the IPC as a reliable tool to classify acute food insecurity for early warning food crisis and efficient decision making. This tool facilitated coordination between the humanitarian and the development responses in the country, thereby building and strengthening synergies among food security partners across the country, including various Governmental departments, UN agencies, International and National NGOs and Academic Institutions. 

The IPC results in Uganda are widely used by international and national non-governmental stakeholders for better targeting, promoting humanitarian and rehabilitation programs, and to inform decision makers. IPC products are also used by regional commissioners  to bring to the attention of higher-level authorities  on the food security situations and vulnerabilities in the country. 

In August 2015, following initial discussions and agreement with the IPC Partners, the IPC GSU initiated a process of Retroactive Quality Review targeted to the cross-country analysis implemented in September 2014. This review was carried out in order to strengthen the country’s efforts to enhance the quality of the IPC analysis and products, and to support its efforts to promote food security policies and programming. The Review was conducted by the IPC GSU-led Quality Review Team, consisting of IPC GSU and a pool of Global Partners that are food security experts.

The IPC GSU envisions the Quality Review to help promote learning and capacity development by facilitating the identification of key technical issues during the classification exercise. In addition, it is expected to shed more light on the strengths of the analysis and potential areas that require improvements.  Based on the Review findings, the IPC GSU will follow up with the country IPC TWG and partners on the implementation of the recommendations in the form of action plans and will provide extensive technical support through tailored training and real-time quality reviews as needed.

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