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IPC Strategic Engagement in Asia - Bangladesh and Myanmar

In October 2015, IPC GSU conducted an IPC strategic consolidation mission to Bangladesh and an IPC strategic inception mission to Myanmar.  In Bangladesh, IPC GSU team led by Ms. Cindy Holleman (the IPC Global Program Manager) engaged with the representatives of [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification   |

3rd Round of IPC Acute Malnutrition Pilot completed in East and Central Africa

IPC GSU carried out 3rd round of IPC Acute Malnutrition Classification pilots Somalia, Sudan and Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), in the East and Central Africa Region.  Hargeisa, Somalia, August 2015. The pilot was jointly organized by FAO’s managed Food Security [...]
Acute Malnutrition Classification   |

IGAD Official Member of the IPC Global Partnership

The Inter-governmental Authority on Development (IGAD) has accepted the invitation to become an official member of the IPC Global Steering Committee (SC), joining the other two regional governmental bodies, CILSS and SICA, and bringing up to 12 the number of [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification   |

IPC GSU Retroactive Quality Review in Uganda

Since 2007, Uganda has been utilizing the IPC as a reliable tool to classify acute food insecurity for early warning food crisis and efficient decision making. This tool facilitated coordination between the humanitarian and the development responses in the country, [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Uganda

IPC advancements in Swaziland - 2nd IPC Acute Food Insecurity Exercise

The Swaziland Vulnerability Assessment Committee (SwaziVAC) organized and hosted the second IPC Level 1 Training and IPC Acute Food Insecurity Analysis exercises both in August 2015, in Manzini, Swaziland. The objective of these activities is two-fold 1) To train IPC [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Eswatini

Building IPC capacity in the Somalia Food Security Cluster

In July 2015, the Global Food Security Cluster (GFSC-WFP HQ) organized an IPC Level 1 Training for the Somalia Food Security Cluster in Nairobi.    The objectives of the training were to ensure that officials acquire IPC Level 1 Certification as IPC [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification - Acute Malnutrition Classification - Chronic Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Somalia

IPC GSU Increasing Support in Afghanistan

From Febraury 2015 to June 2016, Afghanistan benefited from a series of IPC activities namely: high level strategic mission, IPC-Acute Analysis Workshop, IPC Quality Review (QR) and IPC-Acute Tailored Training. It is the first country in the history of IPC [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Afghanistan

IPC advancements in Mozambique

In Mozambique, following the IPC Level 1 Training held in November 2014, the Technical Secretariat for Food Security and Nutrition (SETSAN) decided to conduct an IPC Acute Food Insecurity Analysis from the 22nd to the 26th of June 2015, after [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification   |
|   Mozambique

IPC-CH expanded collaboration on Acute Malnutrition Analysis

IPC and CILSS, with the collaboration of the FAO Office in Niger, conducted a pilot on the IPC Acute Malnutrition Classification in Niamey, between the 4th and the 8th of May 2015. The pilot was carried out as a training [...]
Acute Malnutrition Classification - Cadre Harmonisé   |
|   Niger

IPC added value and future plans in the Region

IPC implementation is quite new in Latin America and Caribbean (LAC), indeed, while the introduction process in the Region started in 2010, the first IPC activities took place in 2012.Jerry Argüello Delgado, IPC Regional Coordinator in Latin America and the [...]
Acute Food Insecurity Classification - Acute Malnutrition Classification - Chronic Food Insecurity Classification   |

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