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IPC in Asia 2015

IPC Global Brief Series 2015

In Asia the IPC took off in 2011 thanks to a regional project funded by ECHO, which provided support in the implementation of country-level IPC trainings and capacity building. IPC was introduced in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Pakistan and Philippines and proved since the beginning its added value by assisting governments and partners in decision making to address food insecurity.

The country-level demand for IPC is currently growing in the Region. New partners have come on board to support the expansion and consolidation of the initiative in new countries and in countries where it has been introduced earlier.

The IPC in the region is coordinated and supported by the IPC Regional Coordinator (RC) for Asia, based in Bangkok, who is part of the IPC Global Support Unit (GSU) team. The Regional Coordinator also acts as the secretariat for the IPC Asia Regional Steering Committee (RSC), which constitutes of members from the regional food security partner agencies (ASEAN, ECHO, FAO, Save the Children, UNICEF, USAID, WFP, and WHO).

The Region is a pioneer in the implementation of the top priorities of the IPC Global Strategic Programme, which has been recently extended until 2018. In particular, between July 2014 and January 2015, the IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification has been rolled out in Bangladesh, Nepal and Philippines; furthermore a fist pilot of the IPC Nutrition Phase Classification took place in Bangladesh, in August 2014, while a second pilot will be conducted in Pakistan, in June 2015.

The national capacity on IPC analysis has grown over years through the IPC Certification Programme. So far, there are 30 certified IPC Analysts in the Region and some of them qualify to be certified as IPC Trainers & Facilitators. In addition, the cross-country fertilization experiences will enable IPC practitioners to compare procedures, learn and share country practices through participation in IPC analyses and lessons learnt workshops, and gather cross border information.

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