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IPC Certification Programme 2015

IPC Global Brief Series 2015

The IPC Certification process ensures that applicants acquire:

  • Understanding and knowledge of IPC technical standards, protocols, and guidelines;
  • Skills to apply the IPC approach and engage in IPC Analysis;
  • Capacity and experience to lead IPC Training and Analysis.

Benefits of being certified

The IPC Certificate establishes a food security-wide recognition of your technical skills. You will become a part of a group of highly sought after professionals.

You will be able to innovate and strengthen your food security expertise, and employ best practices, which can lead to a more prominent role within an organization.

The IPC Certification also provides a direct return on your training investment because it validates the skill levels of food security experts.

It also increases credibility for internal and external customers from managers and peers. Certified individuals will know how to get the most from IPC approach and final goals, and design innovative solutions.

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IPC Global Support Unit - Communication Team
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