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IPC Global Initiative 2017

IPC Global Brief Series 2017

This Brief is part of the IPC Global Brief Series, updated on an annual basis. 



  • 25 countries over 5 Regions lead regular IPC activities through the multi-stakeholders IPC Country Technical Working Groups, chaired by Governments.
  • 3 current Global Resource Partners: DFID, European Union and USAID. Since its inception, the IPC has also benefited from the support of the governments of Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, and Spain.
  • 462 IPC Level I Certified Analysts and 48 IPC Level II Certified Trainers within the 5 Regions and 23 IPC Cross-Country Learning Exchanges from 4 IPC sub-regions (Asia, ECA, LAC and SA)
  • Over 130 Acute Food Insecurity Analyses conducted by countries and supported by the IPC GSU since 2012.
  • The IPC Chronic Food Insecurity Classification rolled out in 13 countries, from September 2014 to January 2017.
  • The IPC Acute Malnutrition Classification to be integrated in the IPC Acute Food Insecurity Analysis and so far successfully rolled out in 10 countries from 2014 to 2017.
IPC Global Support Unit (IPC GSU)

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