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IPC Tools and Procedures for Classifying Acute Food Insecurity

Key Parameters; IPC Acute Food Insecurity Reference Tables and Analysis Worksheet
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The IPC Acute Food Insecurity Classification includes two types of classifications that are used to analyse food insecurity within geographical areas and the households within those areas. 


The main difference between the two classifications is that the Area Classification includes outcomes usually measured at the population level; the Household Group Classification includes outcomes usually measured at the household level.  Therefore, both classifications have the same phase names and descriptions, except for Phase 1 and Phase 5, as the terminology needed to be adjusted according to the levels of analysis. 


This document is an extract from the IPC Technical Manual Version 2.0 and presents the key parameters for the IPC Acute Food Insecurity Classification and tools for classifying severity and causes, namely: 

  • Reference Table for Area Classification; 
  • Reference Table for Household Group Classification; 
  • Potential Indirect Evidence for IPC Analysis; and 
  • Analysis Worksheets

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