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IPC Global Strategic Programme - Vision and Action Plan (2014-2016)

A multi-year and results-based action plan for delivery and impact of IPC

This four-page brief outlines the IPC Global Programme strategic direction, focus action areas and results for the next three years.


The IPC Global Strategic Programme (2014-2016) provides:

  • An overarching and shared vision for the IPC comprising country, regional and global strategic priorities for next three years;
  • A results-based programme with clear outcome, output and activity levels, and monitoring systems ;
  • A common framework androad map for achieving IPC governance and institutionalization, capacity building, technical developments and uptake and use of IPC products;
  • Interlinked work plans to maximise the global and regional efforts in support of the IPC implementation in the 50 targeted countries. 
  • Multi-donor and multi-level funding mechanism with multiple entry points at global, regional and country levels for donor, government and partner co-funding.

SICAThe World Food Programme (WFP)Save the ChildrenOxfamThe Joint research Center (JRC) of the European CommissionFood Security ClustersFEWS NETFAOThe Comité permanent Inter-Etats de Lutte contre la Sécheresse dans le Sahel (CILSS)CARE InternationalACF